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The Witches Apothecary by Lorraine Anderson

From the publisher: Bestselling co-author of The Seasons of the Witch Oracle cards series, Lorriane Anderson, has created a practical guide for beginning and advanced witches to unlock the greater powers of making your own apothecary blends. Lorriane owns and operates a successful, soul-based apothecary and uses her own practices to teach you how to make potions based on your needs, intentions, and energy. 

Season of the Witch Beltane Oracle by Juliet Diaz, Lorrianne Anderson and Giada Rose

The Beltane Oracle was released in time for Samhain 2020. Each card features unique art (Giada Rose), a poem for invocation (Juliet Diaz), and has a thorough interpretation (Lorrianne Anderson) in the guidebook. If you don't have this deck, it's a valuable addition to those who connecting deeply to the waxing moon correspondences of life. And there are BEES!

Orange Calcite Leaf from Mending Moon Apothecary

Orange calcite is a wonderful crystal, invoking highly energizing and cleansing vibration. It's used to balance emotions, helping us to overcome fear and obstacles on our journey to success. It's perfect for pursuing the seeds we plant.

MSC Beauty x Solar Moon Sisters Collection

Moon Child has revived her highly successful makeup and beauty brand, and even dedicated colors to Solar Moon Sister! She'll be choosing which goodies go in the giveaway, but Sun Sisters, Moon Child, Solar Moon, and Star Shine will all be making an appearance in this giveaway!