The Sun ☀️ Witch

Hi, sunbeams! I was born & raised in Ohio, but lived in Texas for a few years to confirm my love for the sun (I miss it). My ancestry was a bit of a mystery, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I've been diving into my roots (Appalachian settlers, the ancient Celts, and a little bit of a few other things). I work as a tarot reader and divination witch as the solar part of the Solar Moon Sisters. I lead workshops and study groups on tarot, am currently authoring an oracle project with LVB Art, and also offer witchy goods for my clients. I'm a natural intuitive empath, who is also growing and exploring my mediumship, as I offer services as an eclectic and secular practitioner. I'm open to all nonviolent faiths, practices, experiences, and paths. You are valid.

Felt witchy, might delete later.

the Moon 🌙 Child

The Moon Child is a rebel hedge witch. As she has dived into her heritage, she is learning she is also an ancestral green witch -- which explains a lot. The Moon Child has a knack for creating magical things with her hands: food, candles, spell jars, simmer pots; she can plan and execute to create tangible (and high quality) goods. She has her own line of makeup at!

the Star ⭐ Sister

The Star Sister uses her background in HR and friendship to calm the Sun Witch down when her brain is burning hot! When we think of Ivy, we instantly think of the vibes of the Star in tarot, a shining beacon of hope. Ivy doesn't have any particular witch denomination, but she's a natural eclectic, just picking up habits that vibe with her natural big energy. You'll find Ivy manning the booths and plotting over coffee.